Yoga PoseGreen Tara Yoga and Healing Arts offers a schedule of weekly classes for all levels of students from beginners to advanced, as well as a regular series of workshops to address special areas of interest and to further deepen your knowledge and practice of Iyengar Yoga. Guest teachers with advanced Iyengar Yoga skills and training provide special multi-day workshops.

Iyengar Yoga is an innovative approach to classical yoga. Its hallmarks are precise alignment, use of props as teaching tools, and adjustment of poses according to individual needs. The fruits of yoga practice include physical health and vitality, mental clarity and emotional serenity. You may begin classes at any time, and drop-ins are always welcome. For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

New Introductory Series for New Students
4-class introduction to Iyengar Yoga for new students begins on the following dates:
✥Tuesday, October 29, 7:00 pm
✥Wednesday, October 30, 9:00 am
✥Wednesday,October 30, 5:15 pm
✥Thursday,October 31, 7:30 pm
✥Saturday, November 9, 9:30 am
Introductory series take place during the first four classes of the session.
Make ups classes can be done only within the 7 or 8 week session.
Open to new students who have never enrolled for a class at Green Tara Yoga.