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We Are Open for In-Studio and Online Classes
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Happy Thanksgiving! The Wednesday 6:00 pm class is cancelled on November 24. Classes do not meet on Thursday, November 25.  On Friday, November 26  Karen will teach Yoga for Digestion class both In-Studio and Online.

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  • Go to our Schedule/Registration page to create an account, set a password, and confirm your account
  • Sign a waiver form
  • Click on My Profile and enter your your full address and your emergency contact information
  • Purchase a pass. Your expiration period starts with your first use of the pass
  • Select your classes

For details, view our detailed Registration Instructions.

To purchase a pass and make class reservations, you must have an account and you must be logged in. Single class passes do not expire. Multiple class passes expire in 5 or 10 weeks, depending on the package that you choose. Your expiration period starts when you take your first class with your pass. You will receive an email reminder only 2 classes or 1 week left on your pass. Unused classes left on passes expire at the end of the expiration period. Pass extensions are granted only in exceptional circumstances such as medical or family emergencies.

You may make as many class reservations as you have classes on your pass, up to 5 or 10 weeks into the future, depending on the type of pass you purchased. Your reservations will be visible under the My Reservations tab of your Punchpass account and you will receive an email confirmation. You can make a reservation up until the time a class begins.

If unable to attend an In-Studio class, you must cancel your reservation 8 hours before the class begins. Online classes can be canceled up to 1 hour before the class begins. In both cases, No Shows and Late Cancels will be charged for the class.

Receive your Zoom Link
For Online classes, Punchpass will send you a confirmation email containing your Zoom link. Reminder emails will be sent 2 days before the class and 30 minutes before class begins. If you cannot find your link, you can always access it by logging into your account and clicking on My Reservations. There you will see all your class reservations and the links for your booked online classes.


Download Zoom
Download Zoom hereScroll all the way to the bottom of the page to  very small text that says Download.
View this tutorial on how to join a Zoom meeting.

Set Up your Practice Space
For a better connection, set up as close to your modem as possible. Have your yoga props handy. If you don’t have props, gather a few household items such as a bathrobe tie, some heavy books, a few towels, some throw pillows and a chair.

Please Join the Meeting 5-10 Minutes Before the Class Begins
This will allow time for the teacher to guide the set up of your mat and your camera so she can see you. If you do not wish to be viewed, you can turn off your video.



Single class $19
Single Gentle Chair yoga class $18
4 classes in 5 weeks $72
12 classes in 5 weeks $150
8 classes in 10 weeks $120
16 classes in 10 weeks $220

Expiration windows start when you take your first class with your pass, not at the time of purchase.
Single class passes do not expire.



Classes are ongoing
Any cancellations of regularly scheduled classes will be announced at the top of this page under Schedule Updates.

Visit our Schedule/Registration page to view the current schedule.


1Basic class for beginners
2For students with experience of Iyengar yoga
3Continuing students with the permission of the instructor
Gentle Chair YogaModerately paced class with a chair and other props
Mixed LevelMulti-level class for all students
RestorativeSupported and recuperative poses for deep relaxation