Children's Yoga

Sundays • 1:00 – 2:15 pm
Dates to be announced
$24 per family per class
A fun, fast-paced class for children and their caregivers. All ages and all levels welcome.


Rope Wall
Learning the Ropes 1
Date to be announced
Learning the Ropes 2
Date to be announced

$45 if received one week before class
$50 after that date

Experience yoga postures with the support of our yoga rope wall. The wall ropes provide support, traction, balance and leverage in a full range of poses. Learning the Ropes workshops are open to students who have completed at least one 8-week session of Iyengar Yoga classes.


Iyengar Yoga Association of the Midwest (IYAMW) presents Fall Fest: Celebrating Iyengar Yoga, Supporting Our Communities
These classes are FREE for IYNAUS members, and donations are more than welcome. $20 suggested donation for non-members. All proceeds from these classes to local, community organizations chosen by our volunteer teachers. See the full list of Fall Fest classes

Flowing Through Our Obstacles: Fluidity & Lightness Through Yoga with Karen Allgire
Sunday, October 25, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

As part of the IYAMW Fall Fest, Karen will teach this workshop on using yoga to work skillfully and joyfully through all circumstances of life. We will work with the water element to promote fluidity and vitality, the air element to nurture mobility and lightness, and the space element to enhance adaptability and open-mindedness.
Register for Karen’s class
All proceeds from this class will go to the YWCA of Greater Cleveland to support their work to empower women and eliminate racism.

Saturdays, 1:00-3:30 pm
All workshop dates to be announced
$40 paid by one week before workshop, $45 after that date

Twists: Tone, Cleanse and Balance with Amy Runnels
Twists bring tone to the abdominal organs and mobility to the spine. Experience the healthy “wringing and rinsing” effect of twists on both the body and the mind.

Easy Neck and Shoulders with Karen Allgire
Greater comfort and flexibility are available for your neck and shoulders. Learn adapted yoga postures and prop uses that help mobilize and balance the upper body. This workshop will help you release chronic tension from these areas and discover new possibilities for ease and freedom. 

Sequences for Home Practice with Karen Allgire
The heart of the yoga journey lies in the development of a personal yoga practice. Learn yoga sequences of various lengths that you can do on your own. Handouts will be included to guide your regular practice at home.

The Pelvic Floor: A Workshop for Women with Colleen Clark
Too many women deal with the embarrassment and annoyance of “leaking.”   Learn to strengthen the pelvic floor with delicate and sensitive actions – exercises that are the opposite of “Kegels.”  You’ll be amazed at how effective they are!

Befriending Shoulder Balance with Julie Tamarkin
Salamba Sarvangasana is the Queen of the Poses, a pose that brings many benefits to the body, breath and mind. Learn how to prepare the body for shoulder balance, as well as multiple prop variations, and alternative poses for when shoulder balance is not an option.


Gentle Chair YogaSaturdays
11:30 am–12:30 pm

$18 for a single class, or use one of our multi class passes

This gentle yoga class is designed for those who wish to move at a moderate pace. Whether you are new to yoga or getting back into shape after time off, this class will provide progressive learning of postures with a gentle approach, using a chair and other props for support.

This class is for students of all ages and conditions – yoga is for everyone!